Welcome to D³ Gaming where NFTs meet players! Our goal is to help bolster the NFT gaming community through fostering comaraderie, through knowledge sharing, and promoting fun games within the crypto space. As part of this, we research games and create tools to help our community understand and utilize their NFTs better.

We're glad to have you join us in our mission to find, explore, and most importantly have fun in P2E gaming. Scroll down to see some of the games we've developed tools for!

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Welcome to D³ Gaming's Fantasy Sports Center. We are super excited to have you here with us as we kick off our first Fantasy Sports NFT collection! The team has been hard at work over the past couple months in order to bring this mint together. We've created a special collection representing the 32 countries competing in this year's Largest Football Competition!

Here is the greatest part of the project - 100% of the minting fees from this first collection will be going right on back to you NFT holders! Each NFT costs only 0.025 Polygon WETH. With a chance to win up to 20x the mint price!

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*Bawk!* From high stakes to no stakes, watch as your NFT chicken competes against other chickens on the Chicken Derby race track! The first three to cross the finish line gain glory and WETH, where the higher the stakes, the better the reward. Every chicken has its specialites and talents which will help it edge out the competition.

We here at D³ have created leaderboards and the Chicken Derby Manager to help you understand the stats behind your bird to turn your 💩 bird into a 🏆 bird!

Join us to learn the secrets behind how your chicken stacks up against the rest!

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Mintopoly is a simulated blockchain game where you compete on the global leaderboard to earn the most Coins before the round ends. You begin by purchasing one mining rig, and reinvesting its earnings into an empire of smart contracts, trading bots, and even your own centralized exchanges!

Wanna know who your contenders are? We've tracked player stats since Round 1! Check out your details using our custom Leaderboard! Need more help? We've got a quick-start guide there for you too.

stats dashboard

Townstar is a competitive logistics simulation game where you optimize your use of limited space to build the highest producing town.

See who's the best and who might be involved in some funny business using our custom leaderboard.

D³ would like to extend a special thank you to gfp for all of his prior work provided to the Townstar community via gala.guru!

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In order to be able to provide you with these tools, D³ has partnerships with a number of other groups who have helped along the way. From Crypto themed merch to specialized Twitch streams and more, we encourage you to go check them out to see the awesome resources they bring to the table.

While you're there, tell them their friends from D³ sent you!

The development team here at D³ is hard at work not only on the above projects but with even more behind the scenes. We love supporting the community with various tools to make all of our lives easier and to offer new ways to interact with these great Crypto Games! If you have a suggestion about a project you think we should dig into next, head on over to our Discord server and let us know.

Thank you for being an awesome member of this community!